Helena Scuba
3280 Centennial Dr, Ste. A
 Helena, Montana 59601
(1 mile east of WalMart, just off HWY 12)

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Why do we dive? Cuz we can can can! 

Welcome to Helena Scuba!
​Open Mon-Fri 11:30 AM-6:00 PM
Closed Saturday & Sunday

Have you ever wanted to be at one with the fish?

Have you ever wanted to feel totally weightless?

Have you ever wanted to interact with the fish, or have them interact with you?

Have you ever thought about going over an edge of a reef and feel the freedom of looking down and seeing the wide blue ocean in hopes that a Whale Shark might pass your way?

Scuba can give you all of that and more!

Why not get started now and go and see what the rest of the world is missing. We at Helena Scuba can help you achieve all of this and more. Come join us for our next class and discover what those of us already know – the Ocean is an absolutely astonishing place to be able to see animals up close and personal. We all have our stories of what was the biggest thrill we have encountered in the sea. We want to hear your stories.